Policy and quality objectives

The National Centre for Vocational-Occupational Training of Cartagena directs and takes its quality policy, embodied in this manual, in the continuous improvement of services to citizens in the area of occupational training, and businesses, by transferring the use of its facilities, both core activities of our Centre. 

With the implementation of the policy and quality objectives laid down, it is intended that the services provided to society are performed with the highest level of customer satisfaction, promoting actions listed hereafter: 

  • Establish and maintain a system of quality management at least based on the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000. 

  • Promoting continuous improvement in the organization, in order to achieve more and better levels of quality in the services we provide to citizens. 

  • Enable accurate communication channels between all members of the organization to ensure proper understanding and implementation of policy and quality objectives. 

  • Verify and monitor compliance with the objectives established through planning and coordination of activities to maximize profitability of our facilities. 

  • Deliver simply and efficiently our services to citizens. 

  • Deepening in the rationalization and streamlining of administrative procedures and management. 

  • Advance in the availability of expert teachers better prepared, with more experience and with technological and methodological capabilities.

  • Improve and innovate on the availability of material resources. 

  • Provide innovative training, with quality and consistent with the demands of employers, in order to promote the employability of our students. 

  • Promote the implementation and testing of new programmes and methods, within the scope of our responsibilities as a National Centre in the professional family of Chemistry. 

  • Maintain and boost our presence in European projects and innovative transnational mobility projects, with active participation of our students and technicians. 

The management of the Centre agrees and undertakes to implement all the terms of this Quality Manual, so with the efforts and dedication of all our staff, we are able to offer better services to our society everyday, from our responsibility as public servants, responding responsibly and with greater efficiency and profitability, to the resources that society has placed in our hands.

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