Objectives and Functions

Objectives: In the area of its national competence in the training areas of Chemical Industries and Services for Enterprises: Quality Control, its objectives are: 

- Contribute to the management, and increase the quality of the Vocational- Occupational Training System. 

- Contribute to the dissemination of competitive factors and technological advances in the framework of its training areas.

- Run the programming of actions for Occupational Training. 

- Participate in international activities, especially in programs and E. U. initiatives.

Functions: The above objectives in our areas of national competence, are carried out by deploying the following functions: 

- Preparation and updating of sector studies. 

- Development, monitoring and evaluation of instructional media. 

- Development of studies and technical proposals necessary to determine minimum educational and training pathways that lead in each specialty to the corresponding Certificate of Competence.

 -Development of training and technical upgrading of teachers. 

- Rating of job-seekers. 

- Programming and teaching of courses: Distance, high technical level; innovative, experimental, international cooperation, etc. 

- Participation in mobility and transnational pilot projects resulting from European Vocational Training Projects. 

- Technical assistance in the implementation of Professional Certificates as new accreditations for training subsystems: Occupational and Continuous. 

Regardless of the functions on national competencies in the training areas of Chemical Industries and Services for Enterprises: Quality Control, the Centre conducts programming and implementation of occupational training courses from the other occupational families, aimed at unemployed.

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